Honeymoon in Thailand! (Part 1/2)

A few days ago my lovely wife and I got back from a two week honeymoon in Thailand, split between Railay and Koh Tao. We had an amazing time as both places were incredibly beautiful, the food was great and the people very hospitable. Photographically it was pretty fun too. I now have a very dedicated subject for my shots. It’s something I’m not too used to since I’ve mostly shot landscapes and candid street scenes. But new challenges are always good, so for the first installmentĀ of this two part series here’s the shots featuring my lifetime model, Hoang Anh.


DSC_5740 DSC_5849


DSC_6196 DSC_6382

My Journey Begins

After a long wait I’m finally on the road. Actually, I was on the road last week, but the fickle internet of Vietnam hasn’t let me check in until now. My trip should take me through more of Vietnam then the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, and Japan, not necessarily in that order. Hopefully I’ll get a few good shots each week and give you an idea of what I see.

Here is what I have so far, from Hue and Hoi An.