Quick Trip to Mai Chau and Moc Chau


Over a three day weekend I braved the suicidal highways that exit Hanoi and rode down to one of my favorite towns, Mai Chau and a bit further to Moc Chau. The weather was not too kind, but I managed to find a few moments free of pouring rain. Here’s what I saw.
DSC_9067 DSC_8875 DSC_9009 DSC_8949


Goodbye Sri Lanka

My three weeks in Sri Lanka are up. It went much too quickly.  For such a small country, they’ve got a lot to offer. Cool tea covered mountains and all sorts of amazing beaches. Plus the surf is great and uncrowded. I’m sure this place will soon be very popular.

I’m now back in Singapore for two days, then tomorrow off to Bangkok for probably a month in Thailand. More photos soon!