Honeymoon in Thailand! (Part 2/2)

For my second post I’ll add some shots of the amazing scenery Thailand has to offer. Our trip was split between Railay and Koh Tao. Both were spectacular in their own ways. Railay is famous for its dramatic limestone cliffs that tower over some of the most perfect beaches imaginable. Koh Tao primarily known for it’s diving, is so much more than that, with dozens of very quiet coves surrounded by gigantic boulders and incredible golden beaches. The island is small enough to reach everywhere by motorbike, but rugged enough to keep most beach-goers away from the more remote destinations.


West Railay


East Railay at low tide.






Koh Tao


Tanote Bay, Koh Tao


Koh Tao


Koh Tao


Koh Tao


Koh Tao

Honeymoon in Thailand! (Part 1/2)

A few days ago my lovely wife and I got back from a two week honeymoon in Thailand, split between Railay and Koh Tao. We had an amazing time as both places were incredibly beautiful, the food was great and the people very hospitable. Photographically it was pretty fun too. I now have a very dedicated subject for my shots. It’s something I’m not too used to since I’ve mostly shot landscapes and candid street scenes. But new challenges are always good, so for the first installment of this two part series here’s the shots featuring my lifetime model, Hoang Anh.


DSC_5740 DSC_5849


DSC_6196 DSC_6382

Ao Dai in Hoi An

I’ve been back in Vietnam for a few months now and have started to settle back down. The first thing I did when I returned, was go to Hoi An with my lovely girlfriend Hoang Anh. While there I got to shoot a genre I’ve never tried much before. Usually I like candid photos, but it was fun actually getting to set the shots up and scouting locations.

Look for some fresh shots of Hanoi very soon.

Goodbye Sri Lanka

My three weeks in Sri Lanka are up. It went much too quickly.  For such a small country, they’ve got a lot to offer. Cool tea covered mountains and all sorts of amazing beaches. Plus the surf is great and uncrowded. I’m sure this place will soon be very popular.

I’m now back in Singapore for two days, then tomorrow off to Bangkok for probably a month in Thailand. More photos soon!

Farewell Philippines

Well I actually left over a week ago and now am on Sumatra, but I haven’t had internet since.  I didn’t shoot much while there and instead was busy playing in the amazing water, but I managed a few final shots.