General Giap’s Farewell.

Today thousands in Hanoi lined up to witness General Giap’s funeral procession. It was a humbling experience. It’s truly amazing how much he means to the Vietnamese people.

Hanoi Cooldown

With the city cooling off significantly the last couple of weeks, I’ve been much more motivated to get out and shoot. Here’s what I saw.

A Few More of Jolie’s Pics from Ha Giang.

Again, these shots aren’t mine (wish they were) but are my girlfriend Hoang Anh’s.

Jolie’s Ha Giang

I would love to claim these pics as my own, but they’re my girlfriend, Hoang Anh’s. She just finished a trip around Ha Giang, my absolute favorite part of Vietnam. I was going to put up some recent shots I took from around Hanoi, but now I’m feeling a little intimidated.