Flavors of Hanoi- Long Bien District

This is the first installment of a weekly exploration of Hanoi’s many districts. According to my friends at wikipedia, Hanoi has eight urban districts and ten rural districts. I’ll cover the urban ones first and if I still have momentum I might try to cover the rural ones too.

For our first mission, my friend Dave and I walked across the historic Long Bien Bridge into the district of the same name. It’s very close to city center, but feels like it’s many miles away. It’s much quieter and things tend to move at a slower pace here. I can see why it’s becoming more popular with ex-pats.

Anyway here’s what I saw…

untitled (1 of 3) untitled (2 of 3) untitled (3 of 3)


4 thoughts on “Flavors of Hanoi- Long Bien District

  1. Awesome photos as always Tyler. They really make me miss that place. I hope everything is going great with you. I have such a hankering for a bike excursion.

  2. Very good Tyler,, I just love the first one, overhead view of the young lady maybe setting up her wares for the days’ sale .. the colors and objects’ shapes are great… though the railroad and door are quite commonly photo subjects, I still love them — and of course the blurring out at the far end of the tracks is perfect .. the engine will be coming onward at any moment .. ! Can’t wait to see more — have fun…

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