Goodbye Sri Lanka

My three weeks in Sri Lanka are up. It went much too quickly.  For such a small country, they’ve got a lot to offer. Cool tea covered mountains and all sorts of amazing beaches. Plus the surf is great and uncrowded. I’m sure this place will soon be very popular.

I’m now back in Singapore for two days, then tomorrow off to Bangkok for probably a month in Thailand. More photos soon!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Sri Lanka

    • Just this year I started meeting more and more people who’ve been there and loved it, so I thought it was worth checking out, and it was! Thanks for checking my pics out.

  1. Beautiful photos Tyler — love the smiling people. I think your next travel book will have to be VERY large! — I don’t imagine that you have a ‘favorite’ place yet? Soon we are off to Arizona and the wilds of the Sonoran Desert – given the life forms there I bet they would seem as exotic as the jungles of Borneo! — and I get Jay too….. Deb

    • Yes the people there smile a lot. And no I really can’t begin to pick a favorite place. You didn’t stay home very long, but I understand the appeal of Arizona, even if it has Jay.

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