Sumatra, of course has been very cool. I’ve been taking my time only visiting two places and trying to get the most out of each one. The first destination was Bukit Lawang, home of the orangutans and a bunch of other crazy animals. Lots of nice trekking there.

Then I was off to Samosir Island on Lake Toba. This is the world’s biggest island on an island! But more importantly this was the site of a volcanic “super-eruption” 75,000 years ago that caused massive global cooling and nearly wiped out all human life. It’s much more peaceful now and I’ve enjoyed the quiet and my daily swims.


1 thought on “Sumatra

  1. First off thanks for going to Lake Toba – reading up about this place was great, I am learning more about so many exotic places because of your travels and ‘seeing’ it through your camera eye! Wonderful. I think your next ‘travel’ photo book is going to be a bit thick,,, but an absolute must…. our travels do pale next to yours, but then again I do love to drive to our destinations and we so far have put on the Yukon an additional 5000 miles .. and we have only TODAY begun our Westward return … right now in Charleston WVA, where I have never been,, so bagged another capitol! heading for Mammoth Caves in Kentucky,,, that should be great.
    Love your beautiful monkey photos – fabulous … and an Orangutang too, wow.

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