Photo Shootout!


Our weekly duel finally erupted into a full blown shootout yesterday. We met at high noon in the alleys between Kim Ma and Doi Can and the only rule was to post ten pics from our encounter. A lot of pixels were spilled and I’m not sure that the neighborhood will ever be the same. This is what I saw.

The Other Side vs. Chasing Shadows

3 thoughts on “Photo Shootout!

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  2. fascinating shoot-out — and I think you are both left standing, with smoking lenses …. interesting that a couple of photos are of the same scene, though presented quite differently, i.e. the pig on spit, and the man with the blue cap — very interesting indeed…. thank you both for giving the viewer differing, though strikingly similar, views of HaNoi … wonderful

    • It started just as a walk to a cafe, then we realized that it was a great chance to check out the shanty town on the way. We traded cameras, which was cool for me. I was finally able to get more out of the prime lens I recently bought. He first suggested we post ten photos from the walk and I thought that was maybe too ambitious, but we kept exploring and finding ten keepers was much easier than I thought.

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