Photo Duel: Sparse












Sparse: : of few and scattered elements…

                                                      Other Side vs. Chasing Shadows


3 thoughts on “Photo Duel: Sparse

  1. pretty darn neat — actually draws me in asking all kinds of questions- from the obvious ‘what and where’ is this place? but more so, who were the people that occupied it? prisoners, old people in an institution, school dorm, is it for detention? or is it a very sparse living space- could it be a monk’s cell? – or is it a place with former glory (sky light, good window and picture, tiled floor) that has come on very hard times? — intriguing questions, I can make it anything I want .. Great.

    • In reality, “Sparse” is far too kind of a word for this place. This is S-21 in Phnom Phen, a high school converted by the Khmer Rouge into an institute of torture and imprisonment. The regime was legitimized only through unimaginable brutality and destruction. Equally horrifying, is that most of those responsible for these atrocities have not been held accountable.

      • Oh my, another ‘house of horrors’ to be seen and studied – but do we learn from it? what do we learn from it? possibly that mankind is doomed to repeat itself- the ‘unimaginable’ is imagined, and repeated over and over again. Man’s brutality to his fellow man is as ‘old’ as mankind itself and as ‘new’ as today’s reports of atrocities in Syria.

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