Alternate Air

I often ride by Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum on my way home from work and I always enjoy the view. Now that it is finally warming up, there are a ton of people exercising and hanging out on the parade grounds. And with the thick air of Hanoi, the powerful lights always make for a cool atmosphere. Here the authorities are keeping everyone in line, or maybe just chatting about football.

Photo Duel: Earth

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While searching for this week’s theme, I ended up exploring the flower villages on the edge of town, (among other places) but none of my earth shots turned out all that great. However,  I did get this shot on my way back, and if you look close enough you might even find some earth in it. Actually my shoes were covered in Earth after that ride.

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Photo Duel: Elemental











Elemental: of, relating to, or being the basic or essential constituent of something.

HaNoi is comprised of many exciting and relatively strange qualities that all make this city such a remarkable place to be. Some of the most elemental of these traits are (in no particular order) pho, motorbikes, horns, buddhism, family, beer and optimism. But as any Hanoian will tell you the city and nation as we know it would not be possible if it weren’t for Uncle Ho, the most essential constituent of modern Vietnam. Pictured above is the mausoleum that honors him.

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