The End…

The first installment of Dueling Photo, a weekly collaboration with Chasing Shadows, where we will each interpret a set theme in our own way and post a photo that represents this. To start things off we decided on “The End” as a good beginning.

As I had this theme bouncing around my head for the last few days, I was constantly confronted with vivid examples of ends; students happily rushing out of class, an empty bowl of Pho Xao, running out of toilet paper and a dead man on the road who I saw on my way to Hoa Lo Prison to get this shot. Of course there are just as many examples of beginnings in this crazy city, and often they are tough to distinguish from the ends, but that is for another week.   So here is how I saw The End.


3 thoughts on “The End…

  1. beautiful – is the rear guillotine a shadow? or the front one? – or just that you held the shutter open long enough to ‘capture’ the machine twice? — is the light stream on the floor is coming in from the far light source? or ? a very effective idea of ‘the end’ — !

    • This photo was really my first try at “barreling” (zooming in or out with a long exposure), and honestly it didn’t turn out at all like I thought it would, but I am pretty happy with it. First from the back of the hall of cells I zoomed all the way in (55mm) then from this point I opened the shutter for ten seconds, counted to five ( so the “smaller” guillotine would have a chance to make an impression) while slowly zooming out, I had the rear curtain flash fire about halfway through or towards the end of this process and that is why you see the “bigger” bolder guillotine. The stream of lights you see on the floor come from the base lighting beneath the display and are actually rushing towards me. So in a sense the photo is moving backwards instead of down the hall towards “The End”. I did lots of experimenting with zoom speed, consistent zoom or sporadic zoom, flash or no flash, rear curtain or standard. My results were all over the place, but in the end I liked this one best.

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